Specialising in Security Covers Since 1987

We supply more than 100 countries with durable, high-quality covers for passport and security documents that are fully compliant with ICAO standards, embedded with industry-leading security features and tailored to our customers’ unique specifications and requirements.

International Passports

Secure identification documents

Other secure travel documents

International Passports

Secure identification documents

Other secure travel documents

We’re the world’s preferred passport cover provider

We supply globally, directly to countries or to specialist security printers and integrators, so we
can ensure our products are available anywhere in the world.

Trusted by Over 100 Nations Worldwide

We can tailor all our products to meet our customers’ unique requirements and specifications.

Security Paper Covers

Securalin is the world’s preferred latex saturated paper cover for passports and security documents.

Security Cloth Covers

Our Securatex covers are made using a coated cloth, square and drill weave proofed cotton, with an acrylic face coating.

Security Spine Tapes

Heat seal and pressure sensitive cloth tapes add reinforcement to our durable, industry-leading security covering materials.

Why Choose Red Bridge Security Covers?


Our security covers are wipeable, tear-resistant and heat-resistant, meeting all ICAO standards.


Our Security covers are E-passport compliant. Used for both biometric and machine readable passports.


Our security covers are e-passport compatible, for biometric and machine readable passports.

We take pride in our product stewardship, ensuring compliance with customer and regulatory requirements.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Registered Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • ICAO compliance


Durable with excellent foiling adhesion. Resistance to spine cracking and excellent colour control.

Industry-Leading Security Features


Visible Print

A custom design, printed at our premises, provides the first level of authenticity check.


UV Print

A bespoke design, printed at our premises with a UV ink not visible by the naked eye, adds an extra layer of security at border controls.

Double UV Print

An authentication tool that offers an added layer of protection against forgery.

Registered Emboss

Improves cover tampering protection and makes the document more difficult to forge.

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